Hidden Gems #2 - Dixit Odyssey


Dixit Odyssey

Dixit Odyssey is a sequel game to the original Dixit. In this blog we will discuss Dixit Odyssey, but both games work in a very similar way. The main differences are that Dixit Odyssey has a whole new set of cards to play from, and it can work as a stand-alone game or an an expansion to Dixit. The Dixit games are brilliant, unique, and some of our favourite games to play here at Game Gecko!
Here's why...

What's it about?

Under-appreciated and not talked about enough, Dixit Odyssey offers a unique take on your typical card-based games. In this game, one player will say a word or phrase which pertains to his/her card. All the other players must then try to pick from their hands the card which most closely matches the said word or phrase. There a multiple ways to earn points and several other game functions, but this isn't meant to be an entire breakdown of the rules! (Click here for a how-to-play rundown video of Dixit).

Why we love it...

Dixit Odyssey is great for so many reasons! Firstly, its one of those games that you just can't get enough of! It's hilarious, unique, and always has us in fits of laughter throughout the game!

What's more, Dixit Odyssey as very easy to learn and quick to set up. It's a no-nonsense, uncomplicated game that anyone could pick up in just a few minutes. 

We also love how Dixit Odyssey in entirely picture-based (click here to read more about the beautiful artwork of Dixit). You don't need to all speak the same language or be able to read English to play. Overall, it's a super inclusive game!

Perhaps one of the best things about Dixit Odyssey is the variety. We know from experience that some games can feel somewhat repetitive after a few runs - not so with Dixit Odyssey! Since each game relies on the imagination, wit, and ingenuity of the players rather than on some set rules, there is no knowing how each game will turn out! Seriously, we have had some wildly brilliant moments playing Dixit Odyssey!


In conclusion...

Dixit Odyssey is a must-have for any gamer! We are happy to say that it seems to be rising in popularity, and more people are hearing of it, which is fantastic! As usual, if you have any questions or comments regarding Dixit Odyssey or any other game, do get in touch! 
(And thank you for reading this far!)


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