Game - Dixit: Odyssey (English Only)
Game - Dixit: Odyssey (English Only)

Dixit: Odyssey (English only)

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Dixit: Odyssey is a game where, in each round, one player gives a clue to an abstract art card with the aim of having at least one player - but not everyone! - guess correctly.

Playable both as a standalone game and as an expansion for Dixit, Odyssey expands the game of abstract clues to up to 12 players and includes variant rules as well as adding 84 new fabulously hilarious and fantastic cards!



Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Card-Based Game
Number of Players: 3-12
Publisher: Libellud
Product Height 6.6cm
Product Length 27.6cm
Product Width 27.8cm
Product Weight 0.880kg

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