Hidden Gems #4 - Twilight Imperium


Twilight Imperium

Oookay... we'll try to keep this short! Twilight Imperium is an absolute whale of a game, and is probably the most complex, in-depth board game we have played to date. There is so much that we could write about this game, but we've tried to narrow it down to a few key reasons as to why we treasure Twilight Imperium. 


What's it about?

We usually describe this board game to people like this - imagine taking Risk, Scythe, and Civilization: A New Dawn and combining the best elements of those games into one... and then adding a ton of awesome game mechanics and features to form a Star Wars-like world - that's Twilight Imperium (sort of!). Players each work to grow their economies, develop defensive systems, build armies and armadas, and war against each  other for total dominion! 


It's pretty funky!

Twilight has many different aspects that make it so interesting. It's got politics, economics, defence building, army building, warship amassing, space travel and exploration and war! Each of these aspects has its own gameplay mechanics and systems that allows players to grow and develop as planetary warriors.
For example, in Twilight Imperium, you don't just build an army. You construct an armada of various warships and starfighters and load them with ground assault troops. When attacking another planet, you can deploy ground assaults as well as waging war in higher planetary atmospheres. Of course, before you can even lay a foot on enemy soil, there is a matter of their defences to take care of! Waging war on another player's planet system? Don't leave your home system undefended! 
And warfare is just one of many aspects of Twilight Imperium!

In Conclusion...

Don't be put off by the size of this game - it is well worth every penny. With so many different awesome game pieces (the starships are so cool!) and hours of fun in just one game, we really can't hype up Twilight Imperium enough! 

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