Our Top 7 Games for this Christmas


Christmas is coming...

It's fast approaching that special time of year once again! At Christmas time we love to spend time with family and friends playing much-loved games and discovering new ones. If you are looking for a new game to play this Christmas, look no further than Game Gecko! We have picked our top seven games (in no particular order) - one from each of our games collections - to help you decide!


Everdell board game
Kicking our list off, we have one of our favourite Hidden Gems games - Everdell. We were recently introduced to this board game, and we love it! Basically, you are all playing as cute forest creatures, scurrying around the forest floor collecting berries, wood, and other supplies throughout the year. Everdell feels very unique and brings a fresh concept to the table.


blokus board game

This has got to be our top solo game. We love Blokus. It is so simple yet very entertaining. It's so good, we decided to write a blog post on it - take a look!



The Resistance

The Resistance board game

One of our favourite co-op games is The Resistance. Although, for a cooperative game, The Resistance involves a lot of distrust and backstabbing fun! A twist on the classic who-dunnit scenario, The Resistance will have everyone on the edge of their seats.




scythe board game

When we are in the mood for a long board game, we often come back to Scythe. With expansion, resource farming, and war-waging, Scythe has all the ingredients for a top board game.


confident board game

We are confident that this game will not disappoint! Whether you love dates or have a terrible memory, you're sure to get invested in this game either way - you might even learn some history facts along the way!




Dixit board game

Dixit is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser! With fantastic artwork with hilarious and intriguing depictions, Dixit cleverly leaves much to the imagination. We wrote a blog all about Dixit: Odyssey too - check it out!


Kodama Duo

Kodama Duo board Game

With Christmas around the corner, there are many people who would rather spend Christmas with only the nearest and dearest. If that is you, then Kodama Duo is perfect! Based off the original Kodama game, Kodama Duo is designed specifically for two players.







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