Board Game - Blokus
Board Game - Blokus


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They say that the simple things in life are the best. That pretty much sums up Blokus. Up to 4 players can compete to place down as many of their oddly-shaped tiles as they can before they run out of space. Don't be fooled by the simplistic gameplay and design - Blokus is highly competative and a whole lot of fun!

Have you ever played that old phone game with the snake where you slide around the screen collecting dots to grow your snake, but you lose the game if you hit your tail? Blokus is sort of like that! You must grow your colour on the board without letting other players block your path to victory.

The Mensa Select-winning game that's half puzzle, half strategy, and all thrilling. A simple but clever design that can also be played as a solo challenge.


  • Mensa Select 2003

Check out this quick how-to-play guide by our friends at Triple S Games on Youtube:


Age Range: 5+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-4
Publisher: Mattel
Product Height 26.6cm
Product Length 4.0cm
Product Width 26.8cm
Product Weight 0.560kg

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