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What do you get when you combine teamwork, guesswork and secret codes? Codenames! Throw Marvel into the mix, and you have one fantastically enjoyable game!
In traditional Codenames, players split into two teams and select a code master for each team. The code master then communicates to his/her team in an attempt to indicate specific cards on the table. The cards are word-based. In Codenames: Marvel however, the cards are picture based (Marvel themed, of course!). This one variation definitely shakes up the game a bit!
Words are simple - one word usually means the same thing to most people. The thing about pictures is that one picture can mean different things to different people. This adds a whole extra layer of confusion and codebreaking to Codenames: Marvel - we love it! 
We should also mention how brilliant the pictures are too! Not only are the illustrations pretty awesome, but they are very nostalgic (we are sort of big MCU nerds!) and exciting. Visually, this game is just stunning.
Whilst we love all the Codenames games, such as Codenames and Codenames: Duet, this one takes the crown for us. With characters like Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, and Black Widow, this game is for every Marvel fan out there.

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