Board Game - Codenames: Duet
Board Game - Codenames: Duet
Board Game - Codenames: Duet
Board Game - Codenames: Duet
Board Game - Codenames: Duet
Czech Games Edition

Codenames: Duet

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You've played the original - now get ready to play Codenames in a new and unique way. Work together to clue each other into guessing the right words in this two-player (or single-team) version of the smash-hit party game!

In this version of the classic Codenames, you and one other player work together to uncover the correct words in nine turns or less. But watch out, there are assassins everywhere! One wrong move could endanger the civilians. Both players have limited information to work with and must help each other fill in the gaps to uncover all the words within the time limit and without bothering the assassins. 

Codenames: Duet is a 2-player version of the original Codenames, but we feel that it is just as good a game in its own right. It's original, challenging, and encourages teamwork. Did we mention that it will have you on the edge of your seat? In fairness, most assassins we've encountered tend to have that effect on people...



Age Range: 11+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2
Publisher: Czech Games Edition
Product Height 23.4cm
Product Length 5.4cm
Product Width 16.2cm
Product Weight 0.660kg

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