A Gecko's Ramblings #2 - Choosing what to play...

What to play, what to play...

It can sometimes be a mild struggle when choosing what game to play. We've been there - you have your friends around, but no one can decide what to play. We find that often one person eventually gets nominated to pick a game - no pressure!

We want to briefly break down some helpful tips to keep in mind when browsing your game selection or looking to buy a new board game.


One of the key things to consider when picking a board game is what mood the group is in. Matching the right game with the current mood of your friends can make the difference between a good time and an amazing, memorable evening that everyone enjoys. Is everyone feeling a bit tired? Perhaps a quick, less-involved game would be best, such as a warm-up game. Perhaps everyone is feeling fresh and ready to go - time to dig out your long-haul games!


Game Specs

Of course, it's important to take a quick look at the game specs on the side of the box. We have often taken out a game to play and set it all up, only to find that there are six of us and the game is only for 2-4 players. Or some friends are in a rush to leave, but you convince them to stay on for one last game. Two hours later, you find yourself only half way through...

Some games even provide a difficulty rating, which is always a great indication as to how well each player will get on with the game. 


One last thing...

Finally, we have an inside hint for you! It has been our experience that playing a whole load of new games in one go can be mentally exhausting. So mix it up a bit! Perhaps start with a game familiar to everyone present, then follow up with a new game, etc. Above all, we would encourage you to never be shy to try new games. There are thousands of board games out there just waiting to be discovered!


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