A Gecko's Ramblings #1 - Learning A New Game

Welcome to the very first blog post in our 'A Gecko's Ramblings' series. On the 25th of each month, we discuss various and completely random topics that we think you will find helpful, entertaining, and even interesting! These blogs will be about absolutely anything to do with table-top gaming, so keep your eyes peeled for future ramblings.


A Gecko's Ramblings #1 - Learning A New Game

Believe it or not, here at Game Gecko we actually enjoy learning the rules of a new game (weird, right?). The intrigue, the challenge, the discovery... anyway, we like it! 

But a lot of people don't. They want to play the game rather than learn the game first. That's why we are sharing with you how we learn new games in a way that is easier and more engaging for all. 


YouTube -

Nowadays, there is a YouTube tutorial for pretty much every game out there. Some experienced gamers have taken the time to create video tutorials, reviews, and summaries for table-top games. Some go into great detail and can last up to 30 minutes or more, and some give a really clear game demonstration in just a few minutes (we like these!). If you are a visual learner, we strongly suggest you ditch your rulebook and head straight to YouTube! (On second thought, keep that rulebook... who throws out a perfectly good rulebook??)


The Rules

Even for us, its a pretty depressing sight when you open up your new game, pick up the rules manual, and find yourself riffling through to page 30 and beyond. However big the rules manual, here is how we like to learn a new game.

1. Most manuals have a quick set-up section on the first pages. We find that it really helps to set up the game board with all the cards, decks, meeples, and pieces in place right from the get-go. (Many manuals also give a visual aid to make this easier). 

2. Most rules manuals also have a 'summary' section which sums up the main objectives, base rules, and gameplay mechanics. We like to read through this first, referring to the game that your set out as a visual guide. 

3. Finally, we always give all the players a quick run-down of the summary, just so that everyone is on the same page so far. Next you can do one of two things. Option A - You can read through the rest of the rules before playing the game, but this can be somewhat tedious and difficult for many people who learn better with visual aids. Therefore, we recommend option B. Play as you read/learn. As you read each new step in the rule manual, play out each instruction with your friends. It has been our experience that playing and learning the rules simultaneously is a quicker and much more effective, engaging method. 



As an honourable mention, there are lots of great blogs out there which go through the rules and game mechanics of games. These are helpful, but it can sometimes end up taking longer than just reading the rulebook! We thought we'd just throw this option in, just in case you really like reading!


Contact Game Gecko -

We are always happy to chat with you about games, whether you are looking for a game recommendation, buying advice, or need some expert help learning a new game. We have extensive gaming experience and a good understanding of how game work. Contact us through social media, the contact form, or via the chat box. If the game you want to learn is new to us as well we are still happy to help you learn and understand it to the best of our ability. 


We hope you found this helpful! As always, feel free to drop us a comment with your ideas, comments, thoughts, and recommendation.

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