Board Game - Tenable
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Based on the hit ITV quiz show! Can you fill out 'top 10' lists on a host of different trivia categories from the 10 least-used letters in the English language to the 10 most popular seaside resorts in the UK? Test-your-knowledge family fun for all ages!

Everyone loves a bit of trivia! Ever sat at the telly watching Tenable and said, "Huh, I would have got that one!"? We have! So why not put your knowledge to the test with this challenging and entertaining take on the classic quiz show Tenable!



Age Range: 10+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-6
Publisher: Rocket Toys and Games
Product Height 7.6cm
Product Length 27.0cm
Product Width 27.0cm
Product Weight 1.020kg

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