Stella - Dixit Universe
Stella - Dixit Universe

Stella - Dixit Universe

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Starseekers! Explore the sky and bring some light back to your world. Stella is a competitive game in the Dixit universe. In each round, players interpret Dixit cards on a board after receiving a common clue word. Each player observes the Dixit cards and secretly associates these cards with the clue word, marking on their erasable personal slates the cards that they choose. Selecting the same cards as the other players allows you to score more points. Conversely, selecting a card that no one else chooses may cost you dearly.

This game is easy-to-learn and hilarious to play. We particularly love the wacky art and nonsensical pictures! Ideal for a family games night or a get together with friends.



 Awards (original version)

  • As d'Or – Jeu de l'Année 2009
  • Juego del Año 2009
  • Lys Grand Public 2009
  • Games Magazine Best New Party Game of the Year Award Winner 2010
  • Spiel Des Jahres Winner 2010
  • Vuoden Peli Family Game of the Year Winner 2010
  • Hungarian Board Game Award Winner 2010
  • Hra roku Winner 2010
  • Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner 2010


 Check out this quick how-to-play guide by our friends at Triple S Games:


Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Card-Based Game
Number of Players: 3-6
Publisher: Libellud
Product − Height 27.6cm
Product − Length 6.2cm
Product − Width 27.8cm
Product Weight 1.16kg

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