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FLUXX enters space in Star FLUXX! Do you love FLUXX and Sci-Fi? Perfect! 

Note: This is definitely not based off Star Wars... ;) 


FLUXX is the smash-hit casual card game where the rules are constantly changing! And by constantly changing, we mean constantly! One minute you are about to win the game, and the next you are suddenly left with nothing and back to square one! 

Our favourite thing about FLUXX is how unpredictable every game is! It is rather a challenge to describe the rules, as the rules are never quite the same from game to game!

If you are looking for a casual game that is easy to pick up and endlessly entertaining, then FLUXX is the one for you!



Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Card Game
Number of Players: 2-6
Publisher: Looney Labs
Product Height 12.6cm
Product Length 3.0cm
Product Width 9.4cm
Product Weight 0.18kg

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