Scythe encounters expansion game
Scythe Encounters (expansion)
Scythe Encounters (expansion)
Stonemaier Games

Scythe Encounters (expansion)

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In Scythe Encounters, we are presented with a collection of 32 brand-new encounter cards. Adding a host of innovations to the gameplay of Scythe, Encounters adds the spice to the mix! 

And the coolest thing about encounters is that it was inspired by submissions from fans!


About the main game (sold separately):

The smash-hit, strategy game set in an alternate-history 1920s. Venture forth to conquer territory and build engines of economy and technology as rival factions in the ashes of a great war.



Age Range: 14+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 1-5
Publisher: Stonemaier Games
Product Height 9.6cm
Product Length 3.2cm
Product Width 12.4cm
Product Weight 0.14kg

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