Pandemic Hot Zone Europe
Pandemic Hot Zone Europe
Z Man Games

Pandemic Hot Zone Europe

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In Pandemic Hot Zone Europe, the pandemic is now in... you guessed it - Europe! The pathogens have returned stronger than ever, and you must fight harder than before to prevent outbreaks and invent cures! A hot take on the classic and much-loved Pandemic game.


About the Pandemic games:

Race against time to rid the world of deadly diseases in this thrilling cooperative game! Put your head together with your friends to best use your characters' abilities as you travel the world and seek cures in this all-time classic game of tense decisions.


 Check out this quick how-to-play guide by our friends at Triple S Games:


Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-4
Publisher: Z Man Games
Product Height 23cm
Product Length 5.4cm
Product Width 15.2cm
Product Weight .48kg

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