Game - Dobble Classic
Game - Dobble Classic
Game - Dobble Classic

Dobble Classic

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Dobble is the smash-hit game of fast reactions and perception that anyone can learn in an instant! A classic in homes worldwide, Dobble is the ideal game for any occasion!

Test your speed and quick thinking with this fun and easy-to-learn card game. It's pretty funky, too! As well as each card having a unique assortment of the cartoon images, to make it more difficult, the images change size on the differing cards! Small enough to bring with you and play wherever you are and bursting with endless opportunities for fun! 


Age Range: 6+
Game Type: Card Game
Number of Players: 2-8
Publisher: Zygomatic
Product − Height 8.0cm
Product − Length 13.4cm
Product − Width 13.4cm
Product Weight 0.220kg

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