Dixit quest expansion game
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Dixit Expansion 2: Quest (US version)

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 Use 84 new picture cards to try to get other players - but not all of them! - to guess your clue. Dixit Quest expands the Dixit base game or can be adapted to stand alone.

Dixit is a game where, in each round, one player gives a clue to an abstract art card with the aim of having at least one player - but not everyone! - guess correctly. Using just a single word or phrase, players give or interpret clues to uncover the correct card and win points. 

This game is easy-to-learn and hilarious to play. We particularly love the wacky art and nonsensical pictures! Ideal for a family games night or a get together with friends.


Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Card-Based Expansion
Number of Players: 3-6
Publisher: Libellud
Product Height 27.8cm
Product Length 4.4cm
Product Width 11.8cm
Product Weight 0.36kg

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