Dice Forge rebellion

Dice Forge: Rebellion (expansion)

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In the first expansion for Dice Forge, you can now play with two game-changing new modules. This expansion adds more interactions and combinations as you continue to battle against the titans. The roll of the dice is up to you!


About the main game (sold separately) -

Take your rightful place as conquering champion as you defeats your rivals! Manipulate your luck by removing and customising the faces on your dice and earn your place among the greats in this innovative development game.

You have heard-of or played deck-building games, but have your ever played a dice building game? Designer Regis Bonnessee completely reinvented the meaning of 'Dice-Game.' Delve into a magical land of chance, dice-manipulation, and rivalry!



Age Range: 10+
Game Type: Board Game/ Dice Game (expansion)
Number of Players: 2-4
Publisher: Libellud
Product Height 8.2cm
Product Length 28.6cm
Product Width 14.2cm
Product Weight .64kg

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