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Deep Sea Adventure

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Deep Sea Adventure is the classic example of less-is-more. Neatly contained in a humble-sized box, this game has all the elements of a top-tier game. Every game of Deep Sea Adventure we have played has been exciting, captivating, and definitely tense! 

The premise of the game is that you are divers trying to reclaim long-lost treasures from the depths of the sea. With this game, it's all about tactical decision-making - dive too deep, and you might not have enough air to reach the surface; or stay near the surface and settle for the less valuable treasure. It's you call! 

Our advice? Push yourself to the limits with each dive, but don't get too greedy!



Age Range: 8+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-6
Publisher: Oink Games
Product Height 11cm
Product Length 3.5cm
Product Width 6.5cm
Product Weight 0.14kg

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