Board Game - Concept
Board Game - Concept
Board Game - Concept


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Concept is a beautifully-designed, hint-giving and deduction board game. Two players place pieces on a board full of diverse picture icons, trying to lead the others to guess a word or phrase. How well can you communicate without speaking?

The concept sounds simple (no pun intended!), but it results in a well-refined and exciting game. Its sort of like a more sophisticated charades but without the embarrassing actions!


  • 2014 Lys Grand Public Winner
  • 2014 Lys Grand Public (Finalist)
  • 2014 Juego del Año (Finalist)
  • 2014 Hra roku 
  • 2014 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année 

Age Range: 10+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 4-12+
Publisher: Repos
Product Height 27.8cm
Product Length 5.8cm
Product Width 27.8cm
Product Weight 1.000kg

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