Board Game - Cobra Paw
Board Game - Cobra Paw
Board Game - Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw

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Spot the right tile as determined by the dice, and race to grab it using only one finger in this instantly teachable, quick-playing dexterity game that brings out the fun of competition for all ages!

Cobra Paw is the award-winning game you can take anywhere and play with anyone and everyone! From the creators of Banagrams, you might want to do a quick check to make sure your brain is on full-power mode as Cobra Paw is all about speed and concentration! Channel your inner ninja as the die are rolled and everyone scrambles to find the one unique tile that matches the die combo. 

What we love about Cobra Paw is how simple the set-up is and how quick it is to learn. You will spend more time reading this product description than you will learning the game (but don't stop reading now!). 



  • Creative Child Awards 2018: Preferred Choice Award (Creative Child Magazine)



Age Range: 5+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-6
Publisher: Bananagrams
Product Height 16.4cm
Product Length 6.0cm
Product Width 18.2cm
Product Weight 0.380kg

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