Board Game - Articulate!
Drumond Park


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Work on your own or with your team to describe words from six different categories on over 300 cards in a bid to win the most points!

Articulate is a hilariously fun (and sometimes boggling!) game of speed and thinking on your feet. On your turn, you and/or your team will be given one word from one of six categories - person, object, action, nature, world, and random. You must then describe that word as quickly as possible without mentioning the word itself. 

Felicity draws her first card. She is currently on the 'action' space on the board, so she reads out the 'action' word on the card. It is 'driving'. Felicity begins describing the action of driving, and no sooner has she said the word 'road', James perks up and shouts, "Driving?" Yes! Felicity immediately draws a new card and reads out the new 'action' word. She does this until the timer runs out. Felicity and her team cleared 5 cards, so they move their counter 5 spaces forward. 

The first team to complete one full circuit around the board wins the game!

As with many speed-based thinking games, you will be holding back tears of laughter and excitement as you play Articulate!



Age Range: 12+
Game Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 4-20
Publisher: Drumond Park
Product Height 27.0cm
Product Length 8.2cm
Product Width 27.0cm
Product Weight 1.240kg

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