Card Game - 7 Wonders: Second Edition
Card Game - 7 Wonders: Second Edition
Card Game - 7 Wonders: Second Edition

7 Wonders: Second Edition

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The internationally acclaimed game of civilisation-building and card-drafting in the ancient world returns in a gorgeous new edition - updated and streamlined to meet a new audience! Guide a historic civilisation through three ages, developing your culture, science and military while building a Wonder that will serve as your crowning achievement.

Take a minute to place yourself in Ancient Egypt. You have a pocket of coins and a vision of a grand empire. You must set about to mine and collect resources and gain the trust of local traders. Gradually you will learn the science of the time, build impressive buildings and landmarks, establish yourself as the best amongst traders and become known across the land...

So unlock the door to the tactics department of your brain, and delve into the genius of 7 Wonders in what is a brilliantly fun experience. 



  • Adult Game of the Year, 2011 Vuoden Aikuistenpeli (Finland) (original version)



Age Range: 10+ 
Game Type: Card Game
Number of Players: 2-7
Publisher: Repos
Product Height 29.8cm
Product Length 7.8cm
Product Width 29.8cm
Product Weight 1.340kg

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